Blank Woman, Phenomenal Woman

what's your blank?

BWPW is a movement which encourages mothers, daughters, and sisters to own their strengths and vulnerabilities without shame, and to live unapologetically as the phenomenal women we already are.  


McKenzie Dawkins is a 23-year old graduate of Princeton University with a love of words and people.  As someone who has struggled heavily with body image issues among other insecurities, she believes wholeheartedly that self-love is a practice you have to choose to live each and every day.  An English major, she turns to writing as an outlet for moments of great joy and frustration, and believes in the therapeutic power of the written word.  Her hope in starting the BWPW movement is that writing, giving a voice to our strengths and pains, and sharing them with others, will do for others what it has done for her:  prove that we are not alone, that we are more than good enough, and that we are, in fact, phenomenal women. 


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